Middle Full-Stack
(NodeJS with Angular or ReactJS)


   About the project: It's a website for an American company that works in the financial industry. They work with the biggest names in financial services and provide services such as mortgage analytics solutions, analytics consulting, and loss mitigation solutions.


   The current stage of the project: ongoing development.


   Technology stack: React, Redux, NodeJS, Express, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, FlowXO chatbot, PayPal integration, Clean Architecture, Azure DevOps (boards, Git).


   What professional skills are important to us?

  • Minimum 2 years of commercial experience with React/Redux and/or Angular (one of them is a must) and NodeJS/Express;

  • Experience with MongoDB/Mongoose and/or PostgreSQL/Sequelize (design, migrations, and optimized queries);

  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript, Browser APIs;

  • Strong knowledge of JWT/oAuth2/OpenID and security best practices;

  • Experience with newer specifications of ECMAScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS;

  • Experience with the popular UI component libraries, Bootstrap, Material;

  • Intermediate Strong or higher level of spoken English;

  • Team size and structure? 2 Full-Stack JavaScript Developers, 1 QA Engineer, 1 PM/BA.


   The conditions:

  • Salary: 3K$ - 3,5K$ (gross);

  • Over time, how often, what is the approach to payment? - There is no overtime.

  • What is the work schedule? - Flexible working hours.

  • Is it possible to work remotely? - There is an opportunity to work fully remotely.

  • The number of vacation days? – 20 days.

  •  Is there a prospect of business trips, and where? - Not foreseen soon.



  • Is there a test task? - No.

  • Are interviews in English? - Yes.


   How many stages does the interview process have?

  • Intro call with a recruiter (30 min);

  • HR interview (45 mins);

  • Tech interview with a company;

  • Tech interview with a client;​