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Hello everyone!

We are looking for an Android Developer.

What do we do?
We are US-based e-Commerce/retail company in the food industry. 

What professional skills are important for us?

  • BS in computer science or equivalent;

  • 5+ years experience of quality software development;

  • Strong object-oriented programming and design skills;

  • Excellent problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills;

  • In-depth experience at the application and user interface level with Kotlin and Java mobile application development languages;

  • Experience with Asynchronous programming; experience with Networking protocols;

  • Proficiency in mobile application development tools and environments (Android Studio);

  • Experience with Android application architecture and design;

  • Extensive knowledge of Android development frameworks;

  • Ability and desire to learn new skills and take on new tasks;

  • Experience using Google architectural components (Lifecycle, Room, ViewMode, etc.,);

  • A solid foundation in data structures, algorithms, object-oriented programming, MVC, MVVM architecture, and Android design patterns;

  • Experience and proficiency in some of the following: multithreading, memory management, networking, performance optimization, app security;

  • Experience with unit testing frameworks;

  • Examples of work on Android;

What will you do:

  • Implement new features in existing mobile e-Commerce applications;

  • Create engaging, creative experiences through extensive knowledge of the development platforms;

  • Develop complex applications from top to bottom (user interface design, application design, implementation, unit functional testing, deployment to customers);

  • Optimize the size and performance of mobile applications and frameworks;

  • Estimate the duration of design, development, and testing tasks;

  • Support existing production mobile applications;

  • Generate automated unit & function tests;


  • Is there a trial period and how long does it last? – 3 months.

  • Overtime, how often, paid? – There is almost no overtime (only before important presentations, or to quickly analyze data and run a new test).

  • What is the work schedule? – Flexible.

  • The format of the work? – Fully remote. 


  • Is there a test task? – No.

  • Will the interviews be in English? – Yes.

How many interview stages and with whom?

  • Our technical interview with English verification.

  • Technical interview on the client side.

  • Final call.

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